• All employees bring together and form the strength and assets of a company, whatever its size.

    But this human capital can only develop and grow the business if knowledge and know-how are shared and accessible by all of their actors.

    This is where collaboration takes center stage…

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  • Opening the door of a company to the outside world is not without risk: we must guarantee the confidentiality and the security of data and know-how.

    To ensure safe mobility, it is necessary to ensure the following:

    • Security of network connections used
    • Protect…
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  • Talking about collaboration is not just about sharing appointments, emails or contacts.

    A large part of the knowledge of a company is stored in the electronic documents that record the life and know-how of the company.

    It is not conceivable from a security point of view to…

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  • History proves it: a not insignificant part of the attacks or hacks is made today unfortunately by means of fraudulent emails integrating too often viruses or spyware more and more perfected.

    Whether you work in a small or large company, the risk is the same. Only the attack surface…

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  • Some of the
    available benefits:

    •  Backup your data
    •  Technical assistance at your service
    •  A knowned and renowned professional tool
    •  Help to develop collaboration between your teams
    •  Available on mobile
    •  Expandable according to your wishes
    •  Available in dedicated service
    •  In constant technological and functional evolution
    •  A secure hosting in France or Europe according to your needs

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