The servers used to provide the service, as well as our backup servers, are located in France. For customers benefiting from a dedicated server, it is possible on request, to host your services in another country of the European Union for example. In the case where a server based out of France would be used, each new client will be informed in order to obtain his consent.

Of course, do not hesitate to contact us to know more about it.

Yes ! All our offers include a backup of your data in real time as well as restoring your data in case of loss. You can thus recover your personal data, your mails, your configurations of users etc. The "Features" page of this site will give you a little more precision on this subject.

Yes, but it depends on the type of offer you buy. ActiveSync protocol is the recommended protocol for mobility. The "Features" page of this site will give you a little more precision on this subject.
No ! You can have 200, 500 or more! For companies with a large number of employees, it is possible to benefit from a dedicated server if you wish - see our "features" page for more information.
Yes a synchronization of your emails and an import of your contacts and calendars is possible. You can either do it yourself or contact us about it.
Yes. We have the responsibility to assist our customers. A technical support is therefore in charge of accompanying you. Get in touch with your reseller to find out about your personal access to support. You can also contact support via the "Contact" page of this site. Be careful though: if your dealer has made a specific service or benefit available to you, it is mandatory to contact him for you to enjoy.

Yes, a delegation of administration is possible. The "Features" page of this site will give you a little more precision on this subject.

Collaborative messaging is a customized service, offered according to the needs and volumes of each client. Asking for a quotation is possible. In addition, messaging tends to interface with other third-party systems or services. It can therefore be integrated into a global offer. Finally, as we offer the possibility of being a white label reseller, you can benefit from advantages or discounts from them that we do not control. That's why the prices are not published.

We will be very sorry but you are free of your strategic choices. In the same way that you can migrate your existing data to our services, you can also return back your data in their entirety to your new provider. However, please respect the notice period to terminate our services, ie two (2) months before the anniversary date.

No, a mail server is not a direct mail system. However, you can associate external direct mail services with your mail. Direct mail requires specific processing to allow a good reception for your recipients.

Our servers are secure and maintained regularly. No third party company has access to our servers for any reason (statistics or otherwise). No action on your accounts is performed (to assist you for example) without your consent. Security analyzes and audits are also carried out regularly. Nevertheless, it is the responsibility of each user to ensure that their access information is sufficiently complex and confidential.

Your commitment is made over a minimum period of one year. By default, payment is made annually, once at the order, then at each renewal. Monthly payments are possible from 200 e-mail accounts ordered or according to what your dealer will offer you.

No. We reserve the right to add new features at any time. In addition, some tailor-made services are not presented. For any particular project, we encourage you to contact us.

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