Dedicated IP address

We closely monitor our shared servers to ensure the reputation of our shared IP addresses. However, if you want more peace of mind in case of occasional problems, you can opt for a dedicated IP address.

How does it work?

Any server or device connected to the internet has an IP address which is used to identify it and record its activity on the network. Your reputation as sender depends on the reputation of the IP address used by the server where your mails pass. If you do not have a dedicated IP address, your hosting account shares its IP with other accounts.

Thus, if one of the accounts presents a questionable activity, the reputation of all other accounts is affected. We will, of course, take action without delay and will ensure that this does not happen again.

With a dedicated IP address, that is to say unique and private, you will have total control over your mail reputation and you will benefit from a more efficient deliverability of your mails. You will also have a private server name for configuring your email clients (eg

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