Messaging - General

Our mail uses by default the POP3 and IMAP protocols (in TLS only). It is compatible on all operating systems be it Windows, Linux or Mac. Email is also customizable via user preferences.

Mobility: With the ActiveSync protocol, you can synchronize your data in real time on mobile and tablet. Mobility is limited with the Basic and Basic + Essential offers, which do not use the ActiveSync protocol.

Offline access: The Webmail integrates a functionality of operation in offline mode. Convenient on the move or in the event of an internet break, any change is automatically and immediately synchronized with the online version when the connection is found.

Email Classification: Several methods for classifying email are available. In preferences, you can choose to sort your incoming and outgoing emails by filters, folders, tags, and it is also possible to group them by conversations.

Indexing: Our messaging also has a system of indexing and research facilitated. For example: you want to search for an email about a contract with the company "Lambda". So you do a search with keyword: "lambda". The messaging will not only sort out all emails about this company, it allows you too to create a search folder named "lambda" that will update automatically and will record any new data or new entries about this company. A simple, fast and efficient management tool.

Sharing data: For all "Normal" versions of the packs, share your documents, notes, calendars and contacts easily by managing everyone's access rights within the limits of the company's employees. Sharing does not work for private contacts. Choose who you share with, but also how: read-only, change, etc.

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