History proves it: a not insignificant part of the attacks or hacks is made today unfortunately by means of fraudulent emails integrating too often viruses or spyware more and more perfected.

Whether you work in a small or large company, the risk is the same. Only the attack surface varies according to the number of existing accounts, which is not nothing for administrators in charge of security!

Our platform offers you a tool to help you in this fight: a front-end anti-spam and antivirus gateway.

Thanks to this optional external platform, each of your employees will be able to filter and sort emails from other unwanted people. The filtering parameters make it possible to protect themselves durably against these threats.

In addition, the external gateway filtering a huge amount of emails every day, its system of detection of unwanted is suddenly much more extensive than the protection system already integrated into our platform.

Finally, for our dear system administrators, it will be easier for them to adjust the policies for filtering and rejecting fraudulent messages for all employees in your company.

A weekly report is sent to each user to enable them to verify that a lawful message was accidentally blocked.

For organizations that use a large number of email accounts, this tool is also an effective way to reduce the load on their dedicated server, giving them additional protection.

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