Diaries and tasks

In our collaborative messaging, we offer the calendar tool (calendar) for making appointments and simple meeting organization.

The number of calendar is unlimited, and you can define for each calendar your sharing settings. Define the users having access to the calendar and their role (read only, or with writing etc.) In the Webmail, it is also possible to display several calendars juxtaposed. The calendar can be connected to your contact list, or to the directory of your company (only with a dedicated server) and allows you in the blink of an eye to know the availability of staff, but also availability for example, meeting rooms.

For those who enjoy mobility: Scheduling meetings has never been easier: create your meeting from your mobile device and add as many participants as you want. If you receive a meeting invitation, simply accept it or decline it directly from your mobile device (or tablet).

The features are the same for task lists.

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