Talking about collaboration is not just about sharing appointments, emails or contacts.

A large part of the knowledge of a company is stored in the electronic documents that record the life and know-how of the company.

It is not conceivable from a security point of view to provide employees on the Internet with such wealth. Yet, many cloud storage solutions offer a secure access interface via the Internet.

In fact, the risk comes mainly from the points below:

  • The level of right of access to these documents and the type of access (reading, writing, ...)
  • Securing access (filter, complexity and renewal of passwords, ...)
  • Employee training and awareness

You can interface the collaborative messaging solution offered by our services with storage tools such asownCloud or NextCloud.

The level of access rights is maintained by the recognition of the e-mail address of the user concerned.

Security can be enhanced with password complexity and recurring renewal strategies, knowing that Collaborative Messaging can only be accessed via secure TLS-type channels.

This integration makes it easier to access documents or add information received by e-mail.

Thus, receiving, processing and analyzing the information becomes easier then directly from your Webmail.

The Webmail can even become for some employees the only possible access to these files.

The implementation of this integration deserves a deep and serious reflection in order to make the most of it once this installation is finalized.

The flexibility provided can only increase the productivity and efficiency of your internal exchanges or with your end customers.

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