The protection of your data is our constant concern.

All exchanges from or to our platform are encrypted, and our servers are constantly monitored for security and availability.

An instant backup of any modification made to your accounts (reception of messages, management of your contacts, ...) is established. This backup is externalised every day on our backup servers based in France.

Hosting your data

The servers that host your data are, by default, also located in France.

If a customer wants to host their data on a server in another country, they must send us an express request. Only the data of the requesting client will then be stored on the servers located in the country of his choice (another country of the European Union for example).

In the event that our platform is extended with other servers of the European Union, each client will be informed at the time of the order of the location of the servers used to provide the services it enjoys.


Our platform imposes minimum password complexity, as well as password expiration every 90 days.

The passwords transmitted during the delivery of the accounts are temporary: each user must personalize it before being able to use the functionalities made available to him.

Passwords are confidential: it is up to each user to ensure the confidentiality and security of his / her account (s).

No personal information or confidential data is transmitted to a third party. Measures and other statistical data that could be exchanged to improve the quality of our services will only concern the volumes of messages sent or received, or the total amount of accounts managed by our platform.

In no case are communicated names of persons, companies or domains, nor any other data deemed confidential, sensitive, or likely to infringe on the rights and freedoms of each.


Our platform is equipped with protection against intrusions and other potential attacks.

It is possible that access to accounts is locked, temporarily or not. In case of repeated attempts to intrude on an account in particular, we hold at the disposal of each person concerned all the information and evidence that we hold for the purpose of legal proceedings.

We also reserve the right to change these protective measures at any time, as well as to prosecute any offender ourselves.

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